DSC_5052.jpgHey everyone! ModeBook has turned ModeBlack just for this post to showcase our love for the colour black. Here’s our spin on 6 all black outfits each portraying different styles. As black is a staple colour in everyone’s wardrobe, these looks won’t be hard to recreate, and of course after adding your own twist to it, you could work wonders!




Wearing a ripped jeans, an all black outfit being not only flattering but alluring and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. Obviously black ripped jeans aren’t exactly new or groundbreaking, but they do surely add a dose of cool to any outfit. Its clear that ripped jeans are not a new trend. This distressed style has fallen in and out of fashion favour since the 1980’s but it seems that lately, they’re more popular than ever. Choosing the right ripped jeans is very important, when having no problems with the figure, the skinny types may be the perfect accentuating tools. Otherwise, boyfriend ripped jeans are great for nailing a smooth fit. In the look we decided to rip the jeans ourselves simply by watching youtube tutorials as the problem with buying them is that you don’t have much control over the rips themselves. We all have our preferences when it comes to placement, size and scope of the tears. It may be two gaping holes at the knee, a few nicks, or a series of slashes down the leg of skinny or boyfriend jeans according to your preference. Since this is a monochrome look we paired the jeans up with a black v neck choker top but will also go well with a rock tee or even a lace up top. A black outfit is the perfect canvas for a pop of colour in your accessories or even in your make up. In this particular look we’ve chosen a dark maroon shade of lip colour which seems to be the only pop of colour. As we all know, even the most painfully uncool pieces have to power back to become cool again so do wallet chains. In this look we’ve attached a simple metallic chain from the waist of the jeans being the perfect accessory to complete the look with. For this outfit we have gone for the platform shoes where as pencil heels, pumps, slip on’s, loafers or even boots would go perfect with this outfit.







Top- online

Jeans- Forever 21

Shoes- Steve Madden

Bracelets- Accessorize




You’d think wearing a leather jacket would be suitable only if you knew how to ride a motorcycle or have a certain type of attitude or thought ” I just cannot pull it off. ”
The truth is anyone can wear a leather jacket.
It goes perfect with any summery dress, a floral skirt or even the most worn clothe item, jeans.
There are so many ways a leather jacket could be paired.
In this outfit, we’ve gone for the classic all black look that we assure, anyone can pull off.
It’s so simple to recreate this look. All you need is a plain black tank top or a spaghetti top and a pair of black jeans everyone owns in their closet and the obvious, a leather jacket. If you don’t have a pair of black jeans, jeggings could work too.
It’s that easy to look like an absolute boss with this look!
We’ve paired this outfit with platform booties. Not only is this comfortable to walk in but also gives you a raise of height, boosting your confidence.
Stilettos or pumps works just fine.
It’s all up to your personal style and preference.
Just remember, however you desire to recreate this look, always be confident in what you’re wearing  and we guarantee you will always look your best.




Spaghetti top – Zara
Skinny Jeans – Forever 21
Leather Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes –  Forever 21
Spiky cuff – Splash




The classic ‘little black dress’ look is perhaps the most famous fashion from the 20th century and it still looks just as great today. Black dresses come in various styles, some may be pleated, others draped, some body fitted or others just as simple as the one in our look. Some people love wearing black because its classic, its not typical for them to wear black from head to toe, but they’re always down for it if it’s a dress. A black dress can look formal, elegant, dressy or even sexy so its in your hands as to how you wanna carry it. Every girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without that one little back dress she can wear without thinking twice cause it always gives her elegance and confidence. The look above is a party wear outfit and can be worn for your Friday or Saturday night crazy parties with your friends. In this look you’re actually trying to avoid creating too much contrast in your outfit. A few non black accessories or just your favourite lip colour looks great, but wearing too much colour tends to dampen this outfits striking effect. As a general rule, the simpler your outfit is, the more jewellery you can get away with wearing. Sometimes jewellery also gets hidden when you already have a lot of contrast in your outfit so its best to just keep it simple. The earrings in this look compliment the watch and and the anklet whereas the block heels compliment the sling bag. You can go on and on experimenting this outfit with all the heels you own because black goes with any colour. The bright red lip colour gives your face a refreshed and more revived look. Sometimes its great to match your lip colour with your heels rather than going the usual route of matching heels and bags. The look can also be made to look formal by putting your hair up in a bun or a high ponytail.




Dress- Online

Heels- H&M

Earrings- Claire’s

Watch- Tommy Hilfiger




We love shorts, we love black. Combining them together couldn’t be more fun!
Wearing shorts does not always mean you have to dress simple.
There are different ways to style up your pair of shorts.
With just a black blouse or a shirt, you can glam up your outfit and make it look more elegant and fancy. It’s all up to your creativity and sense of style on how you want to dress for any given occasion. Here’s how you can achieve this look.For this outfit, we’ve paired a black shirt with black high waisted shorts. The shirt instantly makes your outfit more formal and less casual.In terms of accessorising, we styled this look with a silver necklace and a golden watch. A golden clutch and a pair of golden or silver hoop earrings should complete the outfit.
You do not want to over accessorise your look.
The model in this look is wearing a pair of chunky, strapped high heels. If you do not have them, wedges would do the job.
This is one of the many ways to fancy your pair of casual shorts and make it look like it was absolutely effortless.




Shirt –
Shorts – H&M
Heels – Mumbai
Watch – Claire’s
Necklace – Claire’s




Rompers have come to be one of hottest trend and when they’re in your favourite colour, there’s nothing better. They are one piece, which eliminates having to coordinate an entire outfit. They can be worn casual or sophisticated, depending on how you accessorise. Lastly, you can wear them if it’s windy without having to worry about an unexpected breeze. It should also be said that with the right shoes you can wear a romper or jumpsuit to any type of occasion, from music festivals to Sunday brunches. In this look we have gone extremely simple on the accessories, but if you’re going for a more formal event then you can always wear a choker, a statement necklace or even a nice pair of long earrings.

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of sunnies? Well, in this look we’ve gone for mirrored sunglasses, which is the one accessory that you need to own and can easily find anywhere. These are truly statement-making pieces that can seem daunting for some people to try out, but it adds a lot of fun to your outfit by giving it a very cool effect. This outfit also lets you try out new hairstyles, let it be a messy bun or even boxer braids any cool hairdo would go along with this look.




Romper- Online

Bag- Coach

Sunglasses- Online




For this outfit, we went with a more bohemian style. It’s the perfect look for a funky festival or if you have a fun event to go to.
It being so easy to recreate this look and having a very put together vibe even though it’s so simple, makes it a perfect go to look.
The best way to get this look, is to go with Palazzos.

There are so many different patterns in Palazzos with which you can go crazy for this look. We wanted an all black bohemian outfit and we’re going to show you how to get this look. We styled this outfit with a pair of black, netted Palazzos and an off shoulder net top. It’s an excellent way to get that bohemian look, perfect for any music festival or just any event that requires a hip outfit. We’ve added a chunky statement necklace and a golden watch to pep up this look. Go crazy with accessorising this look.
For shoes, we’ve gone with strappy high heels  to give this outfit a more complete look.
For extras, you can add a floppy hat or extremely bright chunky jewellery like rings and anklets or even a tassel handbag.
Feel free to run wild with your imagination and have fun while doing so!




Palazzo –
Top – Online
Watch – Claire’s
Necklace – Forever 21
Shoes – Mumbai

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Summer is almost here! That being said, sultry & scorching days are back again.
Bangalore’s blistering heat continues to rise through the day which could affect our clothing choices. The simple solution to this problem is by wearing white.
White clothes are good reflectors & insulators of heat. Hence, they keep our bodies comparatively cooler than most colored clothes.
Wearing white in the hot season always  remains the staple look. A trend that will always be in, whether summer or not. White is an achromatic color, that is, a color without hue, a mixture of frequencies of all colors of the visible spectrum which is why most colors go well with white.
Here are four ways to rock a simple white off shoulder crop top, with items you already own.


Lightweight & loose fitting clothes are the best for promoting absorption of sweat. You stay cooler because more air passes over your body. You can achieve this with palazzos.
When it comes to palazzos, it’s surprising how effortlessly chic they can look. It’s the perfect solution when you want to look presentable and at the same time gives you the feel of a cozy pajama. Palazzos being flowy, can be balanced out with a slim fit top. If you are feeling a bit bold and want to appear taller, you can opt for palazzos with vertical stripes as they make you look taller and slimmer.
For this look, we’ve gone for a pair of printed palazzos with a basic white off the shoulder top. As the top in this look is pretty simple, the printed palazzos give it a more bold & edgy look that is appealing & attracts your eye in a flash. IMG_0440.JPGIMG_0497.JPGIMG_0444.JPG

You can add a pop of color with a statement necklace. For this look, we’ve used a bright red neckpiece to give it that more summery look. Keep in mind to add a pair of lightweight footwear – it can be sandals or wedges. Since there is so much going on with this outfit, you’d want to keep it low-key with the shoes. You can always switch it up according to your taste. For example, you can go for a pair of solid shoes but tone it down with the rest of the outfit.

Top – H&M
Palazzos –
Sandals –
Necklace – F21
Bracelets – F21
Wallet –


Another way to glam up this simple white top is to throw on one of the most common & elegant pieces in a woman’s wardrobe – a skirt.
Out of all the item’s you’d own in a closet, a skirt is one of the most classic & feminine piece that you could put on for any occasion. What’s best is that not only does it show off your legs but also makes the task of going to the washroom far more easier compared to jeans or overalls.
Amidst all the different types of skirts, colors & patterns, what best stands out would be a rustic, Aztec printed tube skirt as shown in this outfit. This type of skirt doesn’t hug your thighs yet clearly outlines your waist. Since this skirt has such a striking definition to it, it comfortably blends in with the plain white top.
IMG_0524.JPGIMG_0517.JPGIMG_0564.JPGWhen it comes to accessorizing this outfit, we’ve decided to go for a monocolored scheme in terms of necklace, bracelet & shoes.
Wearing a metallic statement necklace not only blends perfectly with the Aztec skirt but also adds class to the outfit.
One of the main perks of wearing a skirt is that it shows off those expensive pair  of heels you’ve always wanted to wear, not to mention boots, knee socks, thigh highs & your favorite pair of converse.
To complete this look, we’ve styled this outfit with a pair of shimmery, silver kitten heels.

Top – H&M
Skirt – Zara
Heels – Steve Madden
Necklace – F21
Bracelet – Splash

” Blue jeans, white shirt. Walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn. ”
– Lana Del Rey

Just like these lyrics, a white top paired with jeans adds effortlessness, easiness & a casual smart style to anyone wearing it.
One can never go wrong with denim jeans.
Here are two ways where we’ve improvised the classic white top, blue jean look.


Ripped boyfriend jeans are not only easy to slip on but also very much in trend. A sense of comfort is assured with these preppy jeans.

For this look, we’ve decided to for a beige colored drape which compliments the outfit & is the perfect color palette.
Since the outfit is very subtle, wearing a bright, multi-colored neckpiece & bracelet catches your eye immediately & gives the best pop of color.
You don’t want to tire your feet out & the solution for that is high-top sneakers. They are extremely comfortable to wear and yet adds chic to your outfit.

Top – H&M
Drape – Zara
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Aldo
Necklace – F21
Bracelet – Singapore


Another way we’ve improvised with the white top is by pairing the white top with a deep, solid magenta ankle length shrug.
It contrasts perfectly with the off shoulder white top & skinny high waisted jeans.
Yet again, we’ve used a mono- colored scheme in terms of accessories and shoes.
To add richness to this outfit, we’ve decided to go all gold on the accessories, which gives you a perfect Sunday brunch look. A golden clutch adds a touch of sophistication and serves


for carrying your everyday essentials.

Top – H&M
Statement Necklace – Splash
Heels – Westside
Shrug – Tibetian Plaza
Jeans – Tibetian Plaza
Bracelet – F21
Clutch – Vero Moda


A huge shout out & a big thank you to Sahej Tayal & Rajat Gupta for this amazing photoshoot. Please do check their page out – guy_with_dslr.
We hope you enjoy reading this article and thank you all so much for your wonderful support.
Stay tuned for our next post.
– Taari & Vana xoxo

Desi Videsi Valentine’s

Collage_Fotor (1).jpgThis valentines go desi videsi!

Love is a beautiful feeling and everyone experiences it at some point of time in their lives. On valentines day everyone wants to look extra special and a little different for their significant other so we have a few styles that may inspire you for this occasion.


Collage_Fotor (2).jpg

Not everyone wants to look cliche/stereotypical on valentines day.
Dressing desi does not mean that you can’t look fashionable as you can always include a modern twist. Indian culture is liked by many people across the world yet, people in our own country refrain from the idea of dressing ethnic. This is what inspired us to include this as one of the looks for valentines day.


When you’re dressing desi one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t wanna overdo the outfit to the point that it looks like you’re going to attend a wedding.


The best way to dress desi yet, keep it modern is to pair a long kurta with palazzos, parallels or even wear a long skirt with a crop top. In the look above, our model is wearing a blended pink shade kurta paired with white parallels along with a netted dupatta to give it an indo-western look.



To compensate for the heavy earrings you can wear them along with metallic bangles to give it a casual yet chic look. You can also wear a pair of silver pumps to complement your outfit.

Model : Nimrah Ayesha Sharief

Outfit details:

kurta, parallels and dupatta- Chandigarh sector 17

Heels and earrings- Boutique store

Bangles- Lifestyle


For the guys who want to bring out their inner desi there’s no better way than wearing a classic black kurta with blue denim jeans. You don’t only have to only accessorize with the girl on your arm but also can do so with the shoes on your feet or the watch on your wrist.


Need an excuse to show off your Michael Kors here’s your chance *wink* wink*

Model- Saksham Massey

outfit details:


Jeans- Levis

Watch- Michael Kors



Although going into culture is fun and innovative but, who doesn’t love a more champagne papi look. Here’s the perfect outfit for your fine wine and dine. Nothing says romance better than a formal outfit. Everyone has that one fancy formal outfit lying in some corner of their closets but, don’t find a perfect occasion to wear it so hereee you gooo!


I know what you’re thinking… what’s so hard about dressing for valentines day?
Throw on any dress, some non-cheesy jewelry and your favorite pair of heels and BAM! you’re doneee! It isn’t that hard after all.


White is an achromatic color, a color without a hue and also one of the main colors for valentines day. In this look, the model is wearing a white poof dress with silver accessories. A strapless or body con red, blue or black dress would also fit the occasion.



Love doesn’t  have a price tag on it but, all its accessories do! Wearing silver accessories with a white dress complements both the colors. Since you’re wearing a white dress, you can always experiment with your accessories and, choose the craziest colors that give your outfit a sleek look.

Model: Taarika Salariya

Outfit details:

Dress- Forever New

Heels- Steve Madden

Necklace- Forever 21

Bracelet- Claires

DSC_0146_Fotor_Fotor new.jpg

Dressing formal not only wins a girls heart but, also gets you great pictures. If you wanna take your girl dancing or for a romantic candle light dinner there’s no other better way than dressing formal.


For this look our model is wearing black trousers and a white shirt paired with black suspenders and a blazer, giving it the most charming formal look. Instead of the suspenders,  you could also go for the classic formal look by wearing a tie or a bow tie with the most  fancy shoes you own.



Watches are a deliberate style statement and one of the few accessory choices for men, watches also instantly add class to your outfit.

Model: Ronak Singhvee

Outfit details:

Watch – Emporio Armani

Shoes- Venji Naranji Mumbai

Trousers, shirt, and blazer- Raymond



If you don’t wanna go all glam or dressy you can always keep it simple by dressing casual. Some may opt for a fancy dinner but some love nothing more than a good plate of crispy nachos. Nothing beats a casual outfit more than a dress that compliments your figure.
If you’re struggling with what to pair a plain, flowy dress, a denim jacket is exactly what you’re looking for as most of us know denim is a staple for most of our casual looks. It gives a trendy yet versatile look to the entire outfit as shown above.
To finish off this look with a bit more edge, you can add a pair of bold gladiator sandals.

Model: Kitheli Chishi Mias

Outfit details:

Dress- Forever 21


Gladiators- Forever 21


If you’re skeptical about a more dressy look, you can always rely on a pair of staple denim jeans as they will never do you wrong.
Almost anyone can pull off an outfit with denim jeans.
For this look, you can pair the denims with an olive green trendy piece. To give it a sense of more comfort, you can add a black jacket, as seen in the above look.
You can get away with wearing the wrong shirt or pants but you can get away with wearing the wrong shoes. A pair of black & white converse is very versatile in terms of putting together a casual outfit.They wear well with almost any type of jeans and gives a modern chic look.

Model: Shivani Shinde

Outfit details:

Top-Forever 21

Jeans and shoes- H&M

Jacket- Bebe

Valentine’s is about spreading love irrespective of gender or relationships.
it’s a day of absolute bliss and euphoria.
So, happy valentines day. And shoutout to all those single lovers. Y’all can still chill in your pj’s with a tv remote, a takeout and your dog/pet who loves you endlessly and have an equally great time.





You have seen our take on street style for girls so, here is our take on street style for guys! Street style is popular across the world and we also would love sharing our ideas. We hope that we inspire you with our styles and, be sure to check all of them out:)


All black is an impressive way of dressing simple yet, looking classy. Black is an elegant colour and, something you would find in most of your closets.


The look shown, is a black V- neck paired with black trousers and , a black cardigan. You can also pair the shirt with black joggers or jeans. A black leather jacket or a sweater will keep you warm and also gives you an exquisite look, giving you the best of both worlds.


To enhance your look, you could always wear a beanie or a dashing pair of reflectors. Black converse or kicks will give the perfect finish to your all black outfit.You can also never go wrong with an all black outfit. This look is liked by most people especially, girls *wink* *wink* 😉


Shirt, cardigan and shoes – Zara

Trousers – Louis Phillippe

LOOK 2 – Casual (1)

You all have those days when you feel lazy and, don’t feel like dressing up then, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!


The best way to dress casually is to pair a  plain white or black T-Shirt with beige, cream or black shorts along with a denim shirt or jacket. You can also wear ripped jeans with a snapback which will give you a laid back look.


To complete this look, you can wear loafers or slip ons. You can also wear a kala chashma to ignore the haters (jkjk)


Shirt and shorts – H&M

Shoes – Vans

LOOK  3 – Casual (2)

Another casual look! People often think that joggers are only meant for running but, guess who’s wearing them as a fashion statement these days?


Its just one of those lazy day outfits. Another way to give this outfit a peppy look is by wearing a sweatshirt or a hoodie with a sloppy beanie. Any jacket but, specially a bomber jacket with the perfect pair of joggers will give you a pretty casual look. Carrying a backpack would not only look edgy but would also be convenient.


Joggers are not only your sloppy saturday sweats but, the best pants to show off your sneakers. Wearing joggers will also help you run away from your responsibilities XD


Shirt and jacket – Next

Joggers – Koovs

Shoes – Adidas





A big thank you to Joe Thomas, Aaron Mascarenhas, and Danish Mohammed for modelling and featuring in our blog, this post would not have been as good without their help. We hope you guys loved reading this post as much as we loved shooting and writing it. Stay tuned for the next post!

  • Taari and Vana



Street Style is a type of style that is personal to you. It is something that displays your personality but is still trendy and cool. It may even be seen as controversial to others in certain ways but it is said that “City streets are the real runways”


For Street Style, I personally think that you should wear something you are comfortable wearing including your footwear.


I prefer wearing shorts rather than jeans because I comparatively find them more comfortable and plus I love pairing them with all kinds of off shoulder tops.In my look I’m wearing a floral strappy off shoulder top but, you can also go for the pleated or fluttering off shoulder tops and accessorise it with a choker.You can also wear high waisted ripped jeans with a crop top to along with a bomber jacket, which is one among the latest trends. Carrying a cape or a kimono along will enhance your outfit and make you feel more comfortable and fashionable.


During the day time, wearing sunglasses, a floppy hat or even a fedora will give you a better look. Make sure that you do not over do your look with the kind of make up you use. I am also very fond of accessorising my outfits and in my look I have simply wrapped a necklace around my wrist giving it the effect of multiple bracelets. This is just my own preference but you can add your own personal touch to it:)


Sunglasses – H&M

Bracelet- Claires

Earrings- Accessorize

Sling bag- Forever New

Top- Tara SriLanka

Shorts- Mango

Wedges- Aldo

IVANA SAH : LOOK TWOUnknown-4.jpeg

Another look shown here is more of a bohemian/Hippie style. Here, Im wearing a back-tie crop top paired with denim shorts and a black tassel kimono.
You can alter this look with either skinny denim jeans or black jeans. Adding sunglasses or a floppy hat to your outfit will make it look more fashionable and also protect you from the sun.
Carrying a small backpack not only is convenient to carry your essentials but also, makes your outfit more stylish. Have to head out for lunch or shopping but have no idea what to wear? Well, here is a look that is purrrfect as it is comfortable yet fashionable and can be worn during the day and personally, is my favourite. I’ve worn a pair of high strappy wedges but you can substitute it with either combat boots or wedge booties.


Crop top – F21
Denim shorts – Ni Hao
Kimono – Max
Sunglasses – H&M
Heels – H&M


A pair of long earrings or hoops, as one I’m wearing in this picture, goes uhh-amazingly well with an outfit like this. These earrings are super easy to find and very affordable.
You can go with a light, subtle look in terms of makeup for this outfit or go with a red bold lipstick with a winged eyeliner. I’m wearing a red matte lip crayon  from Faces in the shade Red Fantasy.


Both of us think that everyone has their own opinion and ideas on street style. These are just two looks we personally like. Hope you find this helpful.
We are just giving you ideas but, its completely up to you to add your own little effect SO GO AHEAD, EXPERIMENTTTTTTTTT!!



Hey everyone!

Our names are Taarika Salariya & Ivana Sah, we are 17 and 16 years old and we live in Bangalore. We are extremely excited to start this blog, as we are both very passionate about fashion and photography and, find blogging a perfect platform to share our interests. Styling is what we do best and would love our readers to feature in our blog  by being styled by  us and this blog would also help improve our portfolio. This is our way of having fun so, enjoy reading our blog 🙂